History of Markestil S.L.


Markestil S.L. was established in September 1.979 in Muro (Alicante) Spain. However, we have been in the framing business since the sixties when the company was named " J. Senabre ". This long history allow us to know in depth the needs of the framer.

Through over 30 years of experience in the framing industry we evolved to a continuous specialization of our mouldings into high quality natural veneer laminated mouldings mainly. Also, we kept growing in staff, (we are nearly 70 at the moment), equipment, range of products, clientele and number of international markets we export to.

In 1.987 we started our export policy to establish ourselves into the largest international markets, being one of the very first Spanish companies to start a continued export activity in the industry. At present we export well over 60 % of the company production having more than 1.800 active customers in 38 countries.