Environment Policy


In Markestil we firmly believe in sustainable development, that is, that we can carry out our industrial activity without jeopardising the environment, but rather guaranteeing it for future generations.


Our environment policy can be defined as follows:

  • The wood we use originates exclusively from fast growth plantations, and therefore we are contributing to the fight against deforestation.
  • Manufacturing process. We have optimised the manufacturing processes reducing energy consumption cost.
  • Chips and sawdust are collected by vacuum to create a good hygieinic atmosphere and a healthy work environment.
  • We use water based varnishes and dyes (not containing solvents) which do not produce emanations that are harmful to the environment or the liquid medium.
  • Reduction of waste: in recent years we have minimised the impact on the environment by reducing wood waste using assembly techniques to produce certain models.
  • Waste treatment: we re-use 100% of the wood remains as an alternative energy source in the company itself or,they are sent to a recycling centre to be used as fuel or for producing fertilisers.
  • Different types of waste created in our factory are selected and sent to specific recycling plants.
  • We use completely recyclable packaging.