In Markestil we combine traditional craftsmanship with the possibilities offered by new technologies.

Owing to the growing national and international demand for mouldings, technology and manufacturing methods are developing continuously.

The search for quality begins with the selection of raw material in the plantations.


Once the wood reaches our factory, it is stored and dried in the open air for more than a year. This drying process affords our mouldings greater stability and resistance and guarantees the wood's soundness.

Next, our experience staff prepares the wood: they select it, saw it, mould it, varnish it, veneer it, polish it and finally pack it to be stored once the quality of each stick has been checked. The whole process is carried out entirely in our factory.


The design team creates our own line of exclusive mouldings and models for our clients. The team keeps up to date with market trends so as to offer our clients the latest moulding innovations.

Since the whole process is carried out on our premises, our products are subject to a strict quality control procedure. The results are revised in each stage, and at the end, the quality of each strip is checked individually by qualified personnel before it is packaged and coded with bar code labels.